Redwood Christian School


Educating for Excellence


Did you know that California's state educational system ranks #47 out of our 50 states? WOW! In going over the State's Department of Education web pages researching how our school compares academically, it was quite a find. (  According to their records, prior to the year 2000, California participated annually in the national testing program Stanford 9 (previous version). However, as their reports showed, the public school students were not placing well nationally and the state education department revised the tests to include only questions written specifically for California's content standards. Now they test with this STAR testing, and they only test certain grade levels for an overview. Then, based on the results, an API number is rated to each school to show their effectiveness. When compared to national standards this is not a reliable ranking system.

Here at RCS we strive to instruct our students to succeed no matter where they should live. We annually test our students in every grade to make sure our education is on task, not at the lower California standard but far and above at the national level. Our students have consistently placed above average on the national level of testing. The Stanford 10 results are integrally sound and show that our RCS students are being educated as well as the top states around our country.

Below is a summary by class of last year's S.A.T. testing results (these results are based on as if the grade level result was taking the test. For example, if the student was in 4th grade and their result was 5.5 then that would mean they did as well as a 5th grade student in their 5th month of school would do on that same test. It does not mean they know the next grade level's work.):


Overall Class Test Level Result



















As you can see, our teachers are doing an excellent job in teaching our students! Plus, over 98% of our graduates in the past 10 years have gone on to college, and we only go through the 8th grade! That statistic tells how strong an educational foundation is laid here that carries them through their high school years.